NinjaFit (adults)
October 16 (Tuesday) at 6:00 pm

10 spots left

Class length
55 minutes
7 Burton Rd
"We do not stop exercising because we grow old - we grow old because we stop exercising" Kenneth Cooper

You will not find any other session like this in Margaret River. 
Calisthenics - Ninja Fit, call it as you will. We are a Movement/Obstacle based facility so our aim is to get you strong and mobile to enjoy some 'play'.

You will build upper body and core strength, agility & coordination. Mastering the art of body control on the ground and in the air. This session is a tonne of fun, a unique way to get fit and strong. 

A typical session will start with mobility (loosening up all your joints), then moving onto calisthenic (body weight) movements designed to strengthen your upper body and core. We will add hanging elements (bar/ring work) to develop your 'grip' strength in preparation for the fun obstacles to follow. The session can also feature 'parkour' style movements to bring the spring back in your step. You may also find a session could focus on a particular 'skill' for example, achieving your first pull up or muscle up.

The session will finish with 'play time' on the obstacles. You will climb ropes, swing on the monkey bars, rings, tyres and more. Try your hand at Canon Ball Alley, the Pipe Grasper, Ring Toss or the Peg Board. Fun, unique workout done!

Mocean Fitness aims to bring the 'child play' back into your life, teaching you to move freely again just like you did as a child.

Janet will share her skills and expertise as a Ninja Warrior after featuring on the worldwide phenomenon program, Australian Ninja Warrior.  Her passion for this fun will shine through.
Will is a Parkour Practitioner and lover of all things natural movement. He can break down any skill and teach you from ANY level to have you succeeding at moves you never thought you would/could do! 

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