November 28 (Wednesday) at 9:15 am

9 spots left

Class length
50 minutes
7 Burton Rd
"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a persons physical, emotional and mental states" - Carol Welch

The title of this session 'Movement' is a very broad term so be prepared for anything, including balance work, animal inspired crawling movements, bar/ring work and even gymnastic inspired movements.

This session truly 'bridges the gap' between traditional Strength & Conditioning programs and the core & mobility gains associated with yoga and pilates.

All movements are designed to mobilise your joints, prevent injury, strengthen ligaments and tendons which is crucial to increasing overall strength. Whilst our aim of the session is to increase your joints ROM(range of motion) and stability, we do add a little intensity (huffy puffy) at the end to ensure you walk away feeling you've had a great 'workout'.

Your body is your 'gym' as you master the power of your own body weight. If you've ever watched someone truly 'move' well and been inspired to reach a similar mobility and strength level then this session is for you.

Suited to all fitness levels, everyone has the right to learn to move freely and pain free!

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