Iron ZUU
November 28 (Wednesday) at 6:00 am

10 spots left

Class length
50 minutes
7 Burton Rd
Build strength and mobility in one session.  A 'normal' strength training program could see you grow great muscle but at what cost? Normally it will cost you your mobility and ability to move freely. This session truly bridges the gap between traditional strength and conditioning training with the benefits that a pilates/yoga program could offer.  

A typical session will see a mix of free weights (dumbbells/kettlebells/sandbags) paired with bodyweight movements, working your joints through ALL planes of motion, decreasing your risk of injury while increasing your ROM (range of motion).
Bar and ring work will also feature.

From a SURFER trying to increase their endurance and power in the water, a SPORTS PLAYER wanting to stay agile, strong and injury free, a MUM looking for strength to lift her child,  to your EVERYDAY person looking to improve their general health, mobility and strength for everyday tasks.

This is a high intensity full body workout. This calorie burning workout strengthens muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and tissue, as well as boosting cardio endurance.

This session is suitable for beginners right through to the fitness fanatic. No complicated 'choreography' here, and your choice of weight used.  EVERYONE has the right to move freely again!  Pace does not matter in our sessions, the integrity of movement does! For those that have mastered the movements then we can introduce pace elements to 'up' your workout intensity and make cardio gains from your session also.

See you on the floor soon.

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