Functional Fit Circuit
November 27 (Tuesday) at 9:15 am

2 spots left

Class length
45 minutes
7 Burton Rd
We focus on functional movement giving you the confidence to transfer your new-found energy and strength into everyday tasks! 
No machines insight!!!! 
Crank up your cardio fitness, burn fat, gain strength and build lean muscle using battle ropes, dead balls, kettle bells, sandbags, fitballs, dumbbells, TRX (suspension training) and quite simply....your own body weight.

All sessions are designed to work on common weaknesses/imbalances that are prevalent in todays population. Good movement patterns are never compromised for speed or weight and at Mocean Fitness we will ensure your individual niggles/weaknesses are targeted. 

So what is functional movement??
Functional Movement is the ability to move the body with proper muscle and joint function for effortless, pain-free movement.  Learning how to be bio-mechanically efficient with everything you do, whether it’s for sports, general fitness or daily life activities like carrying the shopping or your children is very important for maintaining good health and avoiding injury.
If we repeatedly move our body with bad posture, or poor body mechanics we create limitations in our range of motion, and muscle imbalances which in time can lead to injury. Not only can our poor functional movement habits lead to injury/pain, but the body will accept these muscle habits as the way to always move!
Chines Proverb 'You are as old as your spine'!
At some point in our lives we have all had an injury and we all know how it is not a fun time. Injury and pain have a huge impact on our mindset and general wellbeing. It is often a timely and costly rehab process or simply leads to you giving up the things you once enjoyed!
Its time to stop accepting "thats just how my body is"! 

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